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The Latest War on Women and Minorities

Every once in a while a piece of legislation is introduced here in California that just completely makes me flip my lid. Now it has happened again. The piece of legislation that is creating more Nanny State and less Manifest Destiny is SB 8 offered by  Bob Hertzberg of CA Senate District 18. This bill would tax services offered by small businesses. So just think, the myriad of Vaping and Hooka stores that have cropped in my neighborhood would now have to tax your experience. The small nail shop owner, the hairdresser you have been going to since you were in college, all of these services could potentially be taxed.

The worst part of the bill  is that Hertzberg actually believes this “would enhance the state’s business climate and, would incentivize entrepreneurship and business creation …” . Small businesses are the meat and potatoes of employment for our state and this would put an undue hardship on them and many would close. I spoke with a woman who has owned a small business for almost 30 years and she told me that she still hasn’t recovered from the recession after losing 1/3 of her business. This, she said, would put her out of business.

The Small Business Administration states that women own 30% of the small businesses in our state. Small business accounts for most of the private jobs in our state and 99.2% of jobs in the state are create by small business owners. And guess what? Those jobs are services such as industries in accommodation & food services; health care & social assistance; and professional, scientific, & technical services. SERVICES!! And minority owned small businesses account for 35.6 % of the businesses in our not so Golden State.

So explain to all of the small business owners, Bob, how this helps them be creative and willing to start new businesses or keep the ones they currently have going? This is another attempt by the greedy despots in Sacramento, who are operating with a surplus of our tax dollars this budget, to fill their coffers with more of our money for their pet projects. If this infuriates you as much as it did me, please call the autocrat Bob’s office in Sacramento and let him know, Phone:  (916) 651-4018.