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Look Who Has a War on Women NOW

No Freedom sign

The hypocrisy of the Progressive Left never ceases to amaze me. They say they are all about women’s rights and yet when Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona signs a new law to ban abortions after 20 weeks they freak out. Really? Are they not aware that at that stage a baby, possibly even a female child, hmmm, has formed their liver, nerves to the brain, and the mother can feel the movement of the child? With the call against this I would think the Progressives look more like the Chinese than ever before, especially since the Progressives also fought so hard for the ability to have an abortion based on the sex of the child. Meaning if you find out you are having a girl you can abort the child as to favor a pregnancy of a boy.

When the tea party stands up for traditional values they scorn, mock and lie about us. Even when one of their own stands up for traditional values such as Kirsten Dunst they eviscerate her. To be anything but progressive is a no-no especially in California where all logic goes to die. No matter how anyone else feels the Progressives are going to make sure you have no individual thoughts that aren’t the ones they have given you, you are not going to stray from the agenda, you are not going to stand in their way for victory. Of course what they are working towards is a complete change to all we have grown to know here in this country,freedom. They will not be happy until we look like the former USSR.

Personally I am glad there are still a few women out there, such as Jan Brewer and Kirsten Dunst who believe in being their “own woman” and standing up for that. As a woman I salute both of you brave women! You are not alone!