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Just another brick in the wall

Wall for Mexico

While watching Ted Cruz doing a presser in Arizona at the border of the United States and Mexico, I just shook my head. That is my current reaction to anyone or anything mentioning the border. When two former Mexican presidents thought they would share their foul mouthed expression over Mexico paying for a wall I laughed. Dolia Estevez wrote about the most corrupt people in Mexico and you bet politicians were named, so much for being the beacon of light and truth that they believe they are when speaking of public policies.

I think I have finally come up with the best idea for the border wall. Well I don’t want to steal credit for the idea, my mother in law Lillian actually thought of this, and it’s a brilliant. What makes it even better is that Lillian herself was a legal immigrant to the United States and a naturalized citizen. She came up with the idea while talking with her son, my husband, about our local baseball team.

Years ago when our local baseball team, the Padres, were building their new stadium, they gave fans the option of sponsoring a brick that would make up the construction of the ball park. You could gift them or have a heartfelt saying put on it, whatever you wanted, within reason of course. I even bought one for my husband who has been huge fan. It is cool every opening day of the baseball season when we go look for the brick and sort of touch it, a kind of blessing for a great season.

When Donald Trump wanted Mexico to pay for the wall I thought that was an inspired idea but this one is even better because it won’t cost the America taxpayer anything. We could sell the bricks making up the wall to US citizens. And each family member who has lost a loved one to murder, rape, etc could add the name the of their dead loved one, like Kate’s folks could put her name on a brick and we could use these to build the wall. By the way, all the names would be facing the Mexican side. This will be a constant reminder of the costs of illegal immigration has on our country to those who would encourage the behavior.

And maybe seeing this giant wall with names of lost loved ones, lost hope, lives stopped, families changed forever, just maybe that would snap DC and Mexico out of their fog and give them a daily reminder of the true cost of illegal immigration to our nation.

H/T Mum

First They Came for Ferguson Then They Came For Us


The most shocking part of the stories out of Ferguson is the photos and realization that the Ferguson and state police are armed to the teeth. If this doesn’t seem like an overreaction to the situation at hand I don’t know what does. Most telling is the fact that the law enforcement in the state feel like they need to bring out all of their “war toys”.

Since 1997 the DoD has been shuffling through the Department of Homeland Security all of their excess hardware such as armored vehicles, assault weapons and even helicopters. So is it any wonder that the cops are now acting like the military? And how far do we need to go before losing our liberty is more important than our perceived security? I know if I live in Ferguson, MO I don’t feel real secure right now and it’s not because of the people looting and robbing although that is a story unto itself, it’s because the police seem to be violating every Constitutional right on the books.

If you look in to the 1033 Program which is what the purveyance of the military grade equipment is called you find that every state in the “union” has been given weapons of some sort. The New York Times did a great job with an interactive map showing you who got what. And yes I said given. Although one must assume it is up to the departments to pay for upkeep of such weapons of mass destruction as grenade launchers and mine deflecting vehicles. Los Angeles County alone received from the 1033 program,

3,408 assault rifles,

1,696 pieces of body armor,

827 pieces of night vision equipment,

44 Pistols,

15 helicopters, Fifteen, one five, helicopters!!!

4 Other vehicles, who knows what that means

3 mine resistant vehicles, is there much call for that in LA?

And last but not least- 1 plane.

And a partridge in a pear tree. Really?

We know that Los Angles is a sanctuary city with Special Order 40 being their policy, which is the illegal alien catch and release program so why are they armed for war?

I don’t know about you all but I am far from feeling safe, I am terrified that the very people who believe my civil , Constitutional  and inalienable rights mean nothing are armed unlike even the Taliban.

Why have we allowed this to go unnoticed until Ferguson? Well, I guess they are test driving the equipment now on the citizens of Ferguson who are doing nothing more than executing their 1st Amendment Rights. And I mean those that are peacefully assembling and bringing grievances to their elected. The response by the law enforcement and Governor are to turn weapons of war on the citizens? We have a bigger problem than we thought.

While watching the movie Braveheart one night , one scene got my attention, its where the English lord slits the throat of the William Wallace’s  wife , but before he does he talks about how they have all lived together in relative peace and harmony and then he kills the woman. Is this where we are in the country, in “relative peace and harmony” but not real peace and harmony? After all the law enforcement and those that have signed off on the militarization of our police forces and others seem to be about to slit our throats, relatively speaking.

Obama Built This


no entrar

We are in the midst of the largest invasion on our borders than we have ever seen in this country. We have masses of children, adults, and gang members arriving at our borders every day. This is seemingly a problem that the California ruling elite and Washington DC ruling elite are unprepared to solve.  As far back as January of 2014 we know that the Administration (DHS) was asking people to apply for jobs as escorts for the illegal minors coming to our shores. We have all seen the protests happening across the country on the news but what they aren’t telling you is why the communities are protesting beyond the fact that the Administration and the people coming here are illegal aliens. And yes Mr. President we are a Nation of immigrants but we are LEGAL immigrants!


So take Murrieta for instance, this is a small community in the southwestern part of Riverside County in California. This is not the hot bed of activity for anything. Until 1991 it wasn’t even considered a city as the population didn’t meet the requirements for “city” status until then. They now have a municipal fire department but that didn’t occur until 1987 before this date they had  a volunteer fire department. Murrieta also boasts a fairly new police department originated in 1992 with 100 officers filling its ranks. And to service the health care needs of this small community are two hospitals. Just so you understand Murrieta was considered the safest city in the country of its size.

If you lived in a little hamlet such as this and heard that your population was going to increase with a huge incursion of people here illegally what would you do? You would try to protect the small slice of freedom that you have wouldn’t you? Well Murrieta and other communities are doing just that. They can’t believe the federal government is trying to overwhelm their town resources with people who came here illegally and of whom they have no identity. As we have no demographics of who is coming over the borders we have no idea who the government is trying to release into our communities. The DHS seems unable to answer cursory questions reading the identities of these folks except to say they are children.

We are getting reports from others that the groups of “children” also include gang members and others that have or will likely commit crimes in our country. As the California legislature seem to be absent from this discussion we ask the people to contact their representatives and ask them what they are doing to solve this problem. We know there are communicable diseases within the populations of aliens coming here, that will spread like wild fire through our communities if left unchecked. We also realize that the United States taxpayer is paying the bill for all of these people and their potential stays at 3 star hotels being set up around the country. At a time when we are exposing how poorly our own Veterans are treated we see illegal aliens getting preferential treatment that is unknown by our own!

The longer this situation is allowed to fester the worse it will get and there seems to be no leadership from the Ivory Tower of the White House. Polling numbers for the President keep plummeting as he continues to ignore this debacle. In the mean time we have communities of taxpayers who are trying their best to protect the sanctity of their towns and homes. And no one is calling out the progressives for using these kids as human shields for more failed liberal policies. And Yes Mr. President you did indeed build this mess!

The Dichotomy of Californian Environs

The Kentucky Derby was won yesterday by an unknown, unlikely horse named California Chrome. The story of Steve Coburn and Perry Martin is extraordinary as two people from average means bought a horse and breed it with another unexceptional horse to receive a winner like California Chrome. All along the way the horse was not expected to be a winner in the sense of the Derby or Triple Crown, it was an average horse after all. But two average people in a rather average state had faith in the horse’s ability and so they lived out a dream, taking her to the Kentucky Derby. Since we are always talking about the American Dream and how it has been lost this was a true victory story of how the underdog can and will rise above expectations when the time is right.

Now juxtapose this with California Congressman Adam Schiff declaring that the renewed interest in the Benghazi terrorist attack on a US compound in Libya where he said the Democrats should boycott this investigation because it was a waste of time and money. Coming from a person who is part of system that has institutionalized wasting both time and money this was an extraordinary statement. I guess Mr. Schiff thinks the average American does not see the value in finding out what led to the murders of a sitting US Ambassador , the first in over 40 years, and three other Americans. Polls show that the average American absolutely cares about this issue. But once again we have representation in Congress of people who are so out of touch with the average person that they deem it necessary to tell us what is relevant and what is not worthy of our time or money.

Well Mr. Schiff we believe discovering and finding justice for the murders of four Americans is very worthy of our time and money and as average people we think it is imperative for our government, that after all is only supposed to exist for our protection, to do its job when Americans are murdered on US soil, no matter where that US soil is located! Mr. Schiff, your announcement that four Americans being murdered is not worthy of the time and money is again an example of a less than average person doing a below average job.

For all the social justice seeking the left decries we need, it is astounding that these four men are not among those that are worthy of justice. Well there is a primary soon and hopefully those in Mr. Schiff’s district feel like they need above average representation as he no longer represents them. Maybe we can get Mr. Coburn or Mr. Martin to run they obviously see the value in putting their time and money into an average project to see that the underdog has a shot. We are the new underdogs, the American public.americn horses