IMPORTANT MESSAGING RE: CA GOP @ 28% by Marc Harris ( Guest blogger)

GOP logo upside down


Last Thursday, at the John & Ken KFI AM640 gubernatorial debate between GOP favorite Neel Kashkari and the true conservative, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Kashkari quoted a statistic that the clueless GOP leaders continue to quote in explaining why they are moving further and further to the left politically, to the extent that now they are looking almost indistinguishable from the Democrats on most issues.

Debate highlights:


Kashkari and the GOP say the percentage of registered Republicans in CA has fallen to “just 28%”; a stat they quickly follow up by stating that “we need to grow our party!“.  Well, I have just a couple of questions for them….


Where did all those Republicans go that used to be registered?  Did they just up and leave the state?!! 


Nope.  While some have, in fact, left California, the majority of them have all just been switching to Independent, Libertarian, or Decline To State.   Nearly half of the former percentage of Republicans in CA have done so, and Inquiring minds–clearly absent from the blind and deaf elitists making up the GOP shot callers–want to know “WHY??“.


It is because of the very reaction by those clueless GOP “leaders” in response to the dismal party attrition rates: keep moving further to the left with candidates like Kashkari “in order to “appeal” to more liberal voters!   (sound of phonograph record scratching) What??!!   Ok, ok; wait.  Let’s go a little slower for them here:….soooooo,  the party is shrinking because it has been moving too far to the left….sooooo,  your ‘solution’ is….to move it FARTHER TO THE LEFT!!!  Brilliant!!   What was Einstein’s definition of insanity?  That’s right: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


A five-year old can figure out that as you respond by moving further to the left, more and more conservative Republicans will continue to leave the Party, an exodus that will dwindle the GOP down to a very small minority of those who have essentially morphed so completely into Democrats they may as well complete the transformation and just put a “D” after their names!


Folks, the Republicans didn’t shrink to 28% by standing on conservative principles, but by abandoning them.  And there can be ONLY two ways to go from the ditch the GOP elitists have driven it into: move further left, or quickly, firmly, and UNASHAMEDLY RUN back to the right!


We are so sick of GOP leaders acting weak, apologetic, and even squeamish in taking a stand on anything related to the Constitution, pro-business, free- market capitalism, pro 2nd Amendment and the right to protect yourself, for securing the borders, and against the extremist environmentalist agenda that is bankrupting our state and nation.


We are at a crossroads, fellow Californians–and fellow Americans; for “as goes California, so goes the nation“.  With all the strength and resources we can muster, we must wrest the wheel from the foolish, clueless GOP leadership that, in quoting the 28% figure, has effectively conceded one irrefutable truth: THEY blew it!


Now, their endorsement of Neel Kashkari for Governor, the epitome of a RINO (Kashkari voted for Obama, and lionized him as “a partisan warrior” who he believed could fix the US economy; he was at the Treasury Department during the mortgage meltdown, and then voted for TARP to try to fix the meltdown), only demonstrates that they cannot be trusted to fix the damage they have caused, and that they only intend to drive the party deeper into the liberal abyss.


We must say “NO MORE!”, and stand AGAINST them, and FOR the true constitutional conservative, Tim Donnelly.  Heaven help us all if he doesn’t win.  We will all have to follow Toyota and others and move to Texas–and come back and pick up the pieces in 20 years after the fuzzy-headed liberals in both parties have turned California into Cuba.


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